Over here its snowing. (^_^)

but I can’t say I feel the joy and excitement I did when I was younger. This time around I feel a different kind of excitement. More so a thrill of just being alive and witnessing the many cycles that life has to offer. Winter isn’t about chirstmas, or some silly birth and religion. It’s about the over all motion that all life goes through, and recognizing that activity within yourself.

The older I get, I must admit the taste, smell, and colors of everything heightens. It’s not because I’m some kind of super human. I think its because I’ve finally detached myself from all these nonsensical archetypes that are implanted in us at our birth.

JEEZ … how do you convince someone else that there’s so much more to life?  …. You just live. Thats the only answer I’ve found. Living is enough



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