Later this evening…

The sunset’s reflecting off me and a close friend catching up on time lost. She’s been away living like she never left, grabbing opportunity with a vice grip. I’ve been here increasing my territory, decimating any and every obstacle that comes my way. In short, life couldn’t be any better for the both of us, but it seems like something new is emerging from this reunion. As we share peace in a blunt that was created by the both of us, my mind wandered and I thought about how the picture looked with our faces as the focal point.


If I’ve learned anything so far, it’s ….. (abrupt interruption)

She Says to me: “Dammit! stop thinking and just experience what’s happening right now.”

hm … stop thinking and just experience right now eh? …

I Say to her: “OK, I will.”

Hm .. interesting how before we would always finish each others sentences, now I see we can finish each others thoughts. (^_^)

Excuse me, but I’ll be a fool if I didn’t return back to now.


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