how do you smoke?

I came across these different gestures on the web on how to tell what mental state someone is in when they are smoking. I was more interested in this because of the community aspect of smoking Marijuana not cigarettes. But if you smoke cigarettes, this was written in respect to you guys. For now though, let’s imagine that we are also talking about weed smokers. (^_^)


Deep inhaling. This action relaxes the smokers and is a great way of responding to stress.

Quick puffing. Smokers do this for stimulating their brain and with this a smoker feels that he or she is getting ready for any action.

Exhalation. If a person exhales quickly upward, he or she is feeling positive and if he or she exhales quickly facing downwards, he or she is feelings are negative. A slower exhale indicates a considered feeling.

Flicking, tapping and twisting. These are nervous gestures and express agitation, anxiety and insecurity.

Putting the cigarette out. If a person stubs his or her cigarette firmly, grinds that in the ashtray, he or she has made a decision and ready to go.


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